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Buy high quality herb & vegetable seeds, rare heirloom plant breeds and the best tools for gardening

Welcome to Seed Supreme Herbs! We supply an extensive selection of top quality herb seeds and vegetable seeds from the best breeders, at the lowest prices. Our mission is to provide the very best in quality and service to gardeners of every variety. Here you will find everything you need to fill your greenhouse, raised beds and borders with tasty homegrown vegetables, herbs and beautiful flowers. We always have great value deals on seeds and other products and we sell in a range of quantities, so whether you’re a professional gardener looking for great value seeds in bulk or a novice looking to grow your first juicy tomato plant we are here to help.

We know that seasoned horticultural experts and new gardeners alike need quality equipment to be successful, so from trowels to cultivators our great selection of gardening tools will make planting and harvesting a breeze. All our garden tools are sourced from the best branded suppliers and are made from the highest quality stainless steel so that you can start your new project without worrying whether your tools are up to the task.

For those new to gardening and wondering where to start we have a huge range of hints, tips, month-by-month planting advice and more in our gardening blog. Written by our resident home-growing experts the blog contains all the information you need to build a raised bed, create a herb garden and grow your own vegetables. Combined with our seeds and tools-of-the-trade you’ll be enjoying the satisfaction that comes from growing your own healthy food in no time at all.