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Bees and Butterflies – How Herbs Can Bring Your Garden to Life

By Seed Supreme Herbs 5 years ago 401 Views No comments

There is nothing better than a gorgeous warm summer’s morning spent pottering in the garden. The sights and smells of your favourite flowers, vegetables and shrubs can be truly magnificent. Add to this the pleasant company of some softly buzzing, equally busy mini-friends and you’ve got yourself the perfect start to the day.

Test Your Soil's pH At Home – It’s Surprisingly Simple

By Seed Supreme Herbs 5 years ago 305 Views No comments

pH measures the acidity or alkalinity of your soil and can make the difference between happy, healthy and luscious plants and a wilting, high maintenance, unsatisfying garden. Knowing the pH of your soil is essential for anybody beginning to grow in a new area. Luckily, testing the pH of your soil is simple.

Make Your Special Occasion Even More Special, With Herbs

By Seed Supreme Herbs 5 years ago 316 Views No comments

The versatility of herbs has almost no bounds. Their varied flavours, distinctive fragrances and countless health benefits are used world wide. However, their diverse textures, shapes and colours also make herbs ideal for delightful and truly unique decorations.

Grow Your Own Muscles – A Gardener’s Guide to Gains

By Seed Supreme Herbs 5 years ago 530 Views No comments

Whether it’s for strength, aesthetics or sports, abs, biceps and glutes are hot property much prided by those who have them and much desired by those without. But, often it is argued that good looking, strong muscles are not achievable without a meat heavy diet – this is a misconception. Once you’re in the know, any health conscious gardener can get ripped on their own produce.

Mole Patrol – Humane Options for Controlling Critters

By Seed Supreme 6 years ago 302 Views No comments
Whichever way you look at it, moles don’t play fair. They like nothing more than destroying gardens and reducing the hard work of home-owners to rubble, but at the same time they’re just too sweet and adorably cute to even consider harming. Some of course aren’t phased by all this sweetness, but the less said about murderous types, the better.

Freezing – The New Standard for Preserving Home-Grown Herbs

By Seed Supreme 6 years ago 347 Views No comments
It goes without saying that the two variations of herbs the world relies on right now are fresh and dried…the two covering about 99.99% of herbs used at home. Drying is a millennia-old technique for preserving food and has become a mainstay in pretty much every culture the world over.

Home Made Herb Oils – Flavour Redefined

By Seed Supreme 6 years ago 324 Views No comments
Infused oils are a rather big deal these days among foodies, having made their way from the tables of the finest Italian restaurants to the shelves of every supermarket and corner shop gracing the land. They’re hard not to fall in love with – all the wonderful flavours of the world’s favourite herbs and spices locked in a delicious virgin olive oil – it’s the stuff foodie dreams are made of!

Five Hardy Herbs to Kick off Your Herb Garden

By Seed Supreme 6 years ago 334 Views No comments
What’s great about a herb garden is that just as long as the ground isn’t covered in a foot of snow, you can keep on harvesting your home-grown gems. It’s said so much it’s become rather cliché, but there’s genuinely nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying an explosion of flavour your own green fingers gave birth to.

Sunny Summer Salad Leaves – Why Not Grow at Home?

By Seed Supreme 6 years ago 343 Views No comments
The summer’s almost here again and has once again brought along delightful daydreams of sunny salads in the garden, just as long as the good weather holds out. What few seem to realise however is how easy and rewarding it can be to grow salad leaves at home, which not only leads to a small fortune in savings over the summer but also provides the whole family with gorgeously organic produce.

The Fundamentals of Indoor Herb Growing

By Seed Supreme 6 years ago 289 Views No comments
From time to time, it becomes painfully apparent that the gardens we’re blessed with and the elements nature throws at us just don’t add up to ideal herb growing conditions. As such, it’s unsurprising that each year sees tens of thousands of people up and down the country either bringing their herb gardens indoors, or abandoning them altogether.