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Protecting Your Herb Garden Without Resorting to Toxins

By Seed Supreme 6 years ago 288 Views No comments
Blasting a herb garden with all manner of chemicals and toxins utterly defeats the purpose of growing them in the first place. If you’re happy to take home and eat the kinds of herbs that have been drenched with every poison under the sun, there are plenty of low-end food stores that have you covered.

Herb Garden Looking The Worse For Wear? Mistakes You May be Making

By Seed Supreme 6 years ago 234 Views No comments
When you’ve been growing herbs for most of your life, chances are you’ll look back on the blunders you’ve made and wonder what on Earth you were thinking. Trial and error is often the only path to perfection, but now we have the wonders of modern communication methods to rely on, the errors of others can replace those we would have otherwise made ourselves…which is frankly marvellous!