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Onion Spring North Holland Bloodred Seeds

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SKU: Onion Spring North Holland Bloodred Seeds
Attractive crimson outer skin

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North Holland Bloodred Redmate is a versatile, red stalked bunching/spring onion. If you leave them in much longer te palnts will produce a decent size bulb. Onions have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, and also believed to lower blood pressure. Sow the North Holland onion seeds from early spring outdoors in an open, sunny, well prepared bed. Or you can sow the seeds under protection earlier in the spring or in late summer. 2 cm deep and leave 30 cm between the rows. Sow them in every two to three weeks for a continuous supply of fresh salad crop during the summer. Thin out the seedlings when large enough to handle. First about 5 cm apart, later 10-15 cm apart. The thinnings can be used too in salads. Water the onions moderatly during hot spells. Escellent as a companion plant with carrots to repel carrot root fly or with beans to repel aphids.
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